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Sohrab , Sam Anvari  born  in 1950 in Takab ,  Iran  , completed his MBA Degree  in ICMS 1976 . his  passion for art started early age in high school,

When he was14 years old , he studied  Russian  realism  under supervision of Houshang Peyman  he worked his way to European Masters , and  then to contemporary  expressionist and abstract artists  . He found his photographic interest in his twenties from a simple   twin lens Russian camera Lubitel,. Much of his arts and photographic education is self_ directed, he is   very   interacted with galleries and artists both in  his home land Iran   and then in Canada,

 In addition to visual arts and photography classical music   is   of great importance

In   his life  with his interest in  Beethoven  , Brahms , Shoshtakovic  among his favourites.



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